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This Is A Video EVERYONE Needs To See. For The First Time In My Life, I'm Speechless.

I think anyone with a cell phone or a computer or a laptop or a family member who has any of these things should take the time to watch this reality check of a video.

An Annual Painful Christmas

Along with annoying Christmas songs and the worries of purchasing gifts, comes along the burden of a heavy heart. The weight of the world laying itself down on my shoulders, so to speak. Everything just gets a little sadder; a wandering dog, an old man alone in a restaurant, the stress seen on a single mom’s face, and a look of pain on a father’s whom hasn’t always been a good dad. Their burdens are felt in my heart, which is my burden and that burden gets a little heavier on Christmas.

One time, way back when…

     One time, way back when, you picked me up. You carried me so far, or so I thought. One time, way back then, I realized I was not being carried. I was being pushed in circles, ‘round and ‘round. Then another stuck his foot out on the repeating path and tripped me. While falling out of the dreadful realm of reoccurring affairs, I fell for him. And we have carried each other much farther than only in a circle, this time.


It’s midnight and time for you to go. Leaving my bed a place just for one; don’t leave. You turn to say goodbye only it’s not said. It’s felt on my lips when you lean in for the usual see-you-tomorrow kiss. My mind goes blank, but fills up at the same time even though I can’t think. You pull away and walk out leaving my mind switch off like a light. A few seconds of ecstasy is what I receive for having to let you go.

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